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ShakenBake 8th Mar

As you can tell from my videos I have really been enjoying Planet Explorers and have been waiting for their next big update to come out.   This update is a0.75 and is the same version that will be available on Steam March 11, 2014 according to  ADMINISTRATOR ZIFEI

Here is the changelist &  LINK to PLANET EXPLORERS

If you’re looking for the optimum performance, the first things you can tweak are grass distance and amount, changing these to normal or lower will give you at least 10fps. Next would be water reflection, turn that off will give you another 10fps. Finally, tweaking the shadow distance will also give you large performance gains. For memory reduction, turn down the amount of grass, trees, and terrain.


Water physics  

Follow camera mode (F2)  

New water shader  

New animal species  

New boss type  

New attacks for the giant robot boss type  

Optimized ai memory and cpu usage  

AI behavior changes  

New collisions for ai (no more single capsule collision)  

Able to run over and damage ai with vehicle  

Crashing on glider causes damage  

Optimized adventure mode terrain generation  

New types of terrain environment generation in adventure mode  

Multiple biomes in a single seed in adventure mode  

Water level randomized in adventure mode  

New npc animations  

New native alien animations and attacks

New story segments and missions  

New npc characters  

NPC no longer collide with player  

Edits to some NPC looks  

New type of armor set  

Rainforest biome  

NPCs can plant, care for, and harvest crops in colony  

New textures for building blocks  

New texture layout for building blocks New glass block type  

New shapes in Creation Editor  

Custom decals in Creation Editor  

Custom items in Creation Editor  

Inclines in Creation Editor  

Server will now autosave  

Able to dig continuously in multiplayer  

Able to export all objects from the Creation Editor to multiplayer 

Steam launcher integration 

Simplified Chinese localization 

Bug fixes 

Tutorial updated 

Scuba mask

Want to learn more about Planet Explorers....check this out-

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