Forgotten Hope 2 Dev Interview- Gold Beach
ShakenBake 8th Mar

This week I had the pleasure to talk with FH2 developer Ts4EVER about their upcoming release which includes the new map Gold Beach & some other goodies you will learn about later.   It has been quite some time since an update has come out for the mod Forgotten Hope 2, however this update appears very promising.   One of the things that really impresses me about the FH2 developers is their commitment to historical accuracy.   As we walk around the map it's obvious Ts4EVER is very familiar with WW2 history especially as it relates to the new content they are releasing.

It will be interesting to see which direction FH2 goes moving forward.   Will this remain a mod with a limited (but dedicated) core player base or will they try and reach out to new players looking for a FPS WW2 experience...only time will tell.  

Hopefully we will see more frequent updates out of the FH2 modding team over the next couple of months and potentially some new interest in this fantastic mod.   

Cheers & special thanks to Ts4EVER for the interview and tour of Gold Beach.

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