FarSky- Underwater Survival & Adventure Done Right
ShakenBake 28th Mar

FarSky Interactive takes on the survival, action, and adventure hundreds of meters below the ocean's surface.  Throw in sharks, barracuda, spear guns, base building, crafting, whales, and of course the "Kraken" and your submariner skills will be tested.   I just came across this jewel at IndieDB and it's called  FarSky.

I have several hours into it and it reminds me so much of Planet Explorers but obviously in an entirely different setting.   FarSky is set to release on April 25th and I will definitely be bringing some gameplay footage on my YouTube and Twitch Channels.   Instead of writing out my "first impressions" I find it much more enjoyable to share my thoughts and excitement in a video.   

So check out my "First Impressions" video (below) and feel free to post any questions or requests for more footage.  


Here is a general overview of the game from their Steam Greenlight page-
"After the crash of your submarine, you are left alone in the depths of the ocean. Alone? Not really... Take advantage of the day to extract resources, go fishing and explore, but be careful of the predators when the night falls! Heal your wounds! Blood can be very attractive. Your underwater base is your only safe place! It is also the only place where you can refill your oxygen. Use your resources to craft items, grow your own food, extend your base or create new ones! Beware of the water flooding! A good base architecture can avoid major flooding issues. Your journey starts at the top seabed and continues until the Abyss! The deeper you get, the more dangerous it will get! Meet new creatures and new fish species on your way down. Beware of the water pressure! Be prepared before going deeper or your helmet will break into pieces."

Game modes
The game can be played in 3 different modes: 
Adventurer: This is the standard mode. Start a new game in a randomly generated world. Your goal is to find all the pieces of your submarine to fix it back and make your way through the surface. 
Survivor: This is the exact same mode as Adventurer, but enemies are stronger, you have no indication where submarine pieces are and you only get one life! 
Sandbox: No goal here. The map generation algorithm is different, making the world more scrambled and wider than other modes. You can use the submarine soon, almost since the beginning.

Map generation
Each new game creates a new map randomly generated. You can interact with almost all elements. Cut seaweeds to make bandages, extract sand to make glass and create glass walls for your base, put an extractor on rocks to get iron and make weapons,... Some resources are rare, such as gold or crystal. These rare resources can be used to create more useful items such as equipment, harpoon cannons, or for instance a new base! 

Shakes "1st Impressions" Video-

Caustics Demonstration Video (showing what final release will look like)-

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